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Sell your property yourself, while it is listed, and pay no commission.
This does not apply to a buyer exposed to the property by my office or any other agent.

Cancel at Any Time 
You can cancel simply by sending an email to [email protected],com and writing  "I want to cancel the listing." It's that simple.  Totally Hassle Free.  Please allow until the next business day for the cancellation to take effect and on average 3 business days to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.

No advance fees of any kind.

There are no upfront fees nor do you pay anything until the property successfully closes.

"No pressure" presentation.

I will never allow you to be "pressured" by the buyer's agent.  All offers will be faxed, emailed or delivered to my office and presented to you by phone (with either fax or email) so you can make your decision privately.

Sell Your Home 2.5 times faster!

Our average time to sell a house is

72 Days*
Other agents average time to sell a home is
149 Days*

In THIS Market, Your Choice Of Agent Could Determine If Your House Sells At All!

For over 26 years, we've been getting homes SOLD!

Your Area LEADING Agent!

Try This
Special No-Risk Offer!

Put more money in your pocket with our very own "Hassle Free Listing" program, exclusively with Jim Gatos! 
Most brokers will charge you the same no matter how your home sells ... even if you find the buyer!    With our "Hassle Free Listing", you have complete flexibility ... from "Full Service," to "Do It Yourself."

4%          We find the buyer and write the contract. There is no other agent involved. 
                                  Our commission is just 4%.

1%**  You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved.  We write the contract and walk it
                                  through escrow for you.  Our commission is 1%. (Minimum $1,200)

6%           Another agent represents the buyer.  Our commission is 3% and the other agent also receives

0%**  You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved.  You don't want our assistance.
                                 You pay nothing. 

Due to the different challenges posed in selling and servicing various types of real estate, the Hassle Free Listing program primalily applies towards single family detached homes, condominiums, cooperative property, and multi units up to four (4) units.  Call 508-365-3581 or email [email protected] for more details.

Short Sale and REO properties are excluded from The Hassle Free Listing program.

** The 0% and 1% commission does NOT apply to a buyer exposed to the property by any form of  advertising and promotion run by the Jim Gatos Group

FACT:     Most agents in this market sell anywhere between 1 to 12 homes a year. 
                                  Top agents sell over 20!

Which agent would YOU rather Hire? 

*Source- MLSPIN- based on a select number of locations regularly serviced by Jim Gatos
Hassle Free Listing Home Marketing not applicable on short sales, reo's, and special purpose properties. Certain restrictions may apply. Call or email for more information; [email protected]